About Ariel

Ariel Aviation's principal, Neil Whitehouse, has decades of wide-ranging experience to formulate, direct, and deliver consulting services that cover the key aspects of aircraft, aviation assets and airline management.

From aircraft manufacturing, financing, operating leasing, asset management, airline commercial and technical management, major aviation litigation, passenger to freighter aircraft conversions, aviation asset appraisals and more, Ariel Aviation's principals and our teams of consulting associates can effectively address your unique needs.

Ariel Aviation tailors the expertise and resources to match the unique dynamics of each project.

We have managed, leased, acquired, sold, converted, overhauled and modified numerous aircraft. We have managed and advised on nearly 40 passenger to freighter aircraft conversion for A300's, A310's, DC-10's, B747's and B727's.

Ariel Aviation has proven ability to take possession of and recover aircraft in extraordinary circumstances. For example, working with our colleagues at Atlanta Air Exchange, the nation's leading aircraft recovery experts, we recovered a Lear 35A impounded in Bolivia for nine years.

As litigation experts, we have been qualified in U.S state and federal courts and international tribunals. Litigation where Ariel Aviation has been the aviation expert involving Canadian Airlines, TWA, the Department of Justice, Hawaiian Airlines, Air Kazakhstan and others.

We would like the opportunity to bring our abilities to benefit your professional world.