Neil Whitehouse is a former aircraft leasing executive and is an ISTAT Certified Senior Appraiser, a member of the ISTAT Appraisers International Board of Governors and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Neil Whitehouse led a major program to convert Airbus A300B4-200 from passenger aircraft into 100 ton payload dedicated freighters, one program with British Aerospace.

The basis of our strength in aircraft asset management is founded in our experiences with GPA Group, C-S Aviation, Pan American World Airways and Boeing.

Neil Whitehouse, FRAeS, President & CEO, has an extensive background in aviation consulting, appraising, aircraft operating leasing, asset management, freighter conversions and has qualified as an expert in federal and state courts and international tribunals. Mr. Whitehouse was a Senior Associate of R. Dixon Speas, Vice President GPA Group, Senior Vice President CS Aviation, a George Soros entity, where he created and implemented an Airbus A300 passenger-to- freighter conversion program. He is an ISTAT Senior Appraiser and a member of the International Board of Governors of the ISTAT Appraisal program.

Senior Associates / Advisors
Ariel Aviation has an extraordinary group of top-flight Senior Associates and Advisors, whose knowledge and experience give great breadth and added capability to Ariel Aviation.

Robert Gallagher, Senior Associate / Technical Project Director, holds an FAA A&P license, is a Designated Mechanical Examiner, has over 25 years experience and has held senior technical positions at DHL Airways, AAR, Tower Air and C-S Aviation.

Roland H. Moore, Esq. Senior Associate / Legal Advisor is a highly respected aviation attorney and is the legal advisor on asset-related business for many airlines and asset owners. Mr. Moore is long-standing member of International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading and is a trustee of the ISTAT Foundation and the ISTAT Historian.